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A stitch in time saves nine… who’s doing your preventive maintenance?

Pay me now or pay me more later…

Most experienced commercial facility managers know this but many building owners and operators learn the hard way.  By taking a preventive approach you save money by avoiding costly downtime and expensive repairs; and what does need repair often gets identified early and can be fixed at a lower cost as a “planned repair” avoiding the expense of overtime and material expediting.    Equipment that is properly maintained operates more efficient, saves energy, improves the indoor environment and helps ensure your HVAC system operates at capacity over its lifetime!

ASHRAE estimates the life expectancy for most types of commercial HVAC equipment to be 15 years:

Spotty care to equipment can seem deceptively adequate for many years however the failure rate of components will quickly ramp up as the end of useful life arrives earlier and at a greater repair cost:

An investment in a quality preventive maintenance program can greatly extend useful life and system reliability by several years on many commercial applications.

The snap-shot maintenance record below is from one of our clients, a large international financial holding company, where we provide highly detailed routine preventive maintenance inspections during weekend off-hours due to the critical nature of their business.  They set the bar high, know the importance of preventive work and the value in partnering with a service company that shares their mindset with the talent to execute.

Commercial equipment often experiences extreme amounts of run time – fans and pumps sometimes run 24/7.  An automobile operating at this equivalent would travel nearly 500,000 miles in one year!

A stitch in time saves nine….

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