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Triad provides the highest level trouble shooting and repair capacities. Our primary mission is to support our customers by providing timely response, efficient assessment and minimal system down-time.  Our prudent approach starts with a skilled technician that follows through with immediate solutions as well as long-term system strategies to prolong equipment life, reliability  and operating efficiency.

However, even the best maintained equipment has common age limitations or may have been incorrectly installed and in need of repair. Triad's expert diagnostics and "system" knowledge then becomes the critical factor in finding the proper resolution.

As a technical service provider Triad is well versed in the details of caring for all types of commercial mechanical systems, offering 24/7 emergency support, replacements and tailored maintenance agreements for the following equipment:

  • Chillers & Process cooling systems
  • Boilers; gas and oil fired hot water & steam
  • Air Handlers; supply & exhaust systems
  • Cooling Towers incl sump scrubber systems
  • Data Center & IT cooling systems
  • Package Roof-top and Split-system equipment
  • Humidification / De-humidification equipment
  • Heat-rejection systems, condensers & dry-coolers
  • Pumps, piping and hydronic systems
  • Domestic water booster systems
  • VAV systems and associated controls
  • Variable Speed Drives (VFD’s)
  • Packaged air/water-cooled systems
  • Heat exchangers – plateframe & tube/shell
  • Water heaters; fossil fuel & electric
  • Make-up air / Outside Air units
  • Energy recovery systems – air & water
  • Combustion equipment; gas/oil burner optimization
  • Controls and Integration of systems


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