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Some of our recent work:

Bio-sciences Company

Removed and replaced 50 ton VAV roof-top units

A pair of 20 year old Trane units replaced on a Saturday, new units  powered up 6 hours after shutting the old units down!

Integration with the Siemens Building Automation system, via Trane BacNet option, took longer to sort and commission than actual unit replacements. ps; blue boot covers were removed each time we left the roof to prevent tracking mess into the building.

Pharmaceutical Company:

Cooling Tower motor and gearbox replacements

New 100hp motors and gearboxes replaced in client's Marley Cooling Towers

New Coupling joins motor and gearbox will get laser aligned


Commercial Office Building:

Penthouse VAV Supply air fan motor replaced and prop hub modified in 10 story building's main Air Handler


Supply fan motor installation: 125 HP motor being rigged in place after being removed and over hauled.

Woods Vane Axial fan (1985 Vintage) was converted from constant speed variable pitch blades to Variable frequency drive (VFD) application.

Prop had all variable pitch moving parts removed and each blade pitched and locked down with blade clamps (Hockey Puck size bushing under nut in photo) prior to fan being re-balanced.

 Harbor East client - 

Removal and replacement of a plate-frame heat exchanger:

An aging plate frame unit that had gasket sealing issues on a heating application (w/glued on gaskets).  In this instance, it was more cost effective to replace the entire unit since the cost of the manufacture's replacement plate-pack was 3x more expensive than a complete new unit.


Catastrophic failure of cooling tower bearings:

Bearing neglect! Lack of lubrication allowed the bearings to wear to the point where the propeller blade started making contact with the shroud and destructed!



Process cooling client:

125 ton chiller swap-out with minimal down-time.

Chiller job

Chilled water pump was also upgraded to a duplex unit

Data Center Maintenance Contract:

Triad Team caring for over 1000 tons of Liebert Environmental equipment !

Process chiller installation for Pharmaceutical Co:

Multistack 80 ton process chiller complete with pump & tank modules

Multistack's "Airstack" modular air cooled unit consisting of (4) 20 ton modules chilling a 40% propylene glycol solution to 26F.


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