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Both owners are accessible and experts on the technical side. I can call either of them at any time to discuss pricing or solutions.  They pick up the phone and take as much time as needed.


We have two Triad techs assigned to our facility.  They have been with the company for many years and know our building well.  Both guys initiate with us when on site and are always concerned with prevention and reducing HVAC costs. They do not hesitate to call either Mark or Tom to get additional problem solving support. Great company! They are different in a really good way.


The owners are fair and honest guys.  They give us options that weigh cost, efficiency and prevention.  I’ve been with them for  .. years.  If the results are not what they stated they make it right.


I like this company as they keep in small-almost a boutique type operation.  This allows me and my team quick access and them to respond quickly with technicians that know us and our building.


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